Shavit Capital invests in successful late-stage Israeli companies with strong management teams, across all sectors, with a primary focus on technology-based companies.

Shavit Capital invests directly up to $15 million per transaction and with the support of its strong investor base leads investment rounds of up to $100 million.

Shavit Capital invests in the following types of transactions:

Equity Mezzanine / Pre-IPO Investments
Equity mezzanine or bridge rounds for companies which expect to raise within 12 – 24 months relatively larger amounts pursuant to an IPO on a major global public market or dual listing. These rounds of finance range from $20 million to $100 million.

PIPEs and Secondary Offerings
Shavit Capital invests in companies that are publicly traded in Tel Aviv, through PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equity) and secondaries. These PIPEs can apply to any Israeli company that is traded on any internationally recognized stock exchange including NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Other Investments
Shavit Capital is well positioned to pursue investments that are not suitableĀ for its Funds. With its strong investor base, Shavit Capital has built a platform that facilitates investments in leading Israeli companies and supports them in different stages of their financial needs. In particular, Shavit Capital is interested in taking significant non-controlling interests in late stage companies, whether private or public.