TIPA Extends Partnership With Apiece Apart, Carving a Path Towards Circular Fashion with Fully Compostable Packaging

05 Dec, 2022

TIPA empowers Apiece Apart to expand ethically, eliminating plastic entirely from their operations

JERSEY CITY, N.J.Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TIPA, a leading compostable packaging supplier, announced today that it is extending its partnership with women’s fashion brand, Apiece Apart. The conscious women’s fashion brand has reinforced its commitment to sustainability and will continue to only use TIPA’s fully compostable polybag alternative, as it has since the partnership began in 2020.

While ‘slow fashion’ rooted in high-quality, locally made and durable garments is a meaningful step towards a circular industry, plastic retail packaging and its end of life presents a serious challenge for fashion brands, as it makes up 26% of total plastics created each year, and plastic packaging makes up 40% of all plastic waste annually. TIPA’s fully compostable polybags, used to protect garments as they pass from producer to consumer, are designed to safely transform into organic matter at the end of their lifecycle. These bags have the same functionality as conventional plastic and can be seamlessly switched with their harmful predecessor to prevent the 180 billion polybags produced each year for the fashion industry from entering the garbage disposal process.

Leading the way towards a genuinely circular and sustainable fashion industry is Apiece Apart, a New York-based global apparel brand dedicated to mindful fashion for women of all ages. The company has been using TIPA’s fully compostable polybags to package goods at factories to ship to the company’s warehouses, e-commerce customers, and retail stores. Apiece Apart will continue to ship 100% of products with TIPA as they sustainably scale operations to meet growing demand.

“We are delighted to continue the work we’ve done with Apiece Apart to reduce plastic waste from the retail side of the fashion industry and look forward to seeing even larger numbers of conventional plastic polybags replaced with our eco-friendly alternative,” said Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and co-founder of TIPA. “We greatly admire Apiece Apart’s commitment to a cleaner, safer and brighter future where fashion does not have to have negative repercussions for the planet.”

“Nearly fifteen years ago, we set out to create a foundational line of women’s clothing, but not at the expense of people or the environment. Sustainability is a journey, and our partnership with TIPA enables us to discontinue the use of harmful plastic packaging–just one small step in our ongoing sustainability efforts,” said Apiece Apart’s founders, Laura Cramer and Starr Hout. “Since Apiece Apart started using TIPA’s compostable packaging, we have eliminated 133,825 conventional plastic polybags.”