DiaSorin announces the launch of the first automated test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in partnership with MeMed

DiaSorin announces the launch of the first automated test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in partnership with MeMed

DiaSorin and MeMed announce the launch of the new LIAISON MeMed BV , a protein signature test based on the patient’s immune response capable of differentiating between bacterial and viral infections. The test is available in all countries that accept the CE marking.

The launch of LIAISON MeMed BV is part of the licensing agreement signed with MeMed announced in September 2020, with which DiaSorin has obtained the rights to produce and market the existing MeMed BV test on its large installed base of LIAISON XL platforms and LIAISON XS.

The LIAISON MeMed BV test is the first fully automated solution that uses data relating to the patient’s immune response and allows doctors to accurately differentiate viral and bacterial infections. In this way the test supports a faster and more effective path of care for the patient and guarantees an efficient management of the analysis flows of the diagnostic laboratories, exploiting the automation and the ability to manage high flows of samples to be analyzed offered by the LIAISON platform. XL

The test is configured as a useful support in the context of the global threat of antibiotic resistance.

According to data from the World Health Organization, in fact, AMR is one of the 10 main threats to public health for humanity and it is estimated that every year it causes 700,000 deaths, of which 33,000 in Europe alone. Distinguishing between acute bacterial and viral infections has always been a challenge for healthcare professionals: methods currently used, such as patient history, physical investigations and other clinical tests, are only able to provide partial answers, especially when the infection is located in an inaccessible place on the patient’s body. By analyzing the immune response of the latter and thus avoiding the direct search for the pathogen, the LIAISON MeMed BV test replaces the other conventional technologies and offers useful information for the management of the clinical path,

The LIAISON MeMed BV test is part of DiaSorin’s menu of fully automated CLIA tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, which make the Group a leader in the market, and confirms its commitment to developing innovative diagnostic solutions, fully automated and able to optimize the ” efficiency of diagnostic laboratories, while at the same time improving the process of managing and treating patients.

Approval of the test by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected in 2022.

“The new test launched with MeMed and available on our vast installed base of LIAISON XL platforms, is strategic for our future and is positioned as an innovative diagnostic tool for laboratories and doctors. The test has a significant clinical value, as it offers an accurate and informed further support in defining the clinical path of patients, accelerating their path towards the desired recovery “, said Carlo Rosa., CEO of DiaSorin. “We are delighted to announce the launch of the test during World Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Week and, in line with the 2021 initiative’s motto” Spread awareness, stop resistance “, we confirm our commitment to raise awareness on this important threat, through a concrete diagnostic solution capable of combating antibiotic resistance “.

“The launch of the LIAISON MeMed BV test by DiaSorin is a key event in our long-term strategy with which we aspire to transform the patient management and care path thanks to our technology based on the analysis of the immune response. of the patient-host ”, commented Dr. Eran Eden, CEO and Co-founder of MeMed. “The recent 510 (k) approval received by the US Food and Drug Administration of our MeMed BV test, which came after a decade of research in which starting from an idea we came to develop a product and have a real impact on the patient, is the culmination of this ambitious path. MeMed BV is able to accurately distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. The collaboration between DiaSorin and MeMed allows us to combine their respective strengths and thanks to the use of the solution on the LIAISON platforms we will be able to expand the spread of the test and its innovative technology, with a positive impact on both patients and society “.