Tulsa ER & Hospital Adopts Trailblazing MeMed BV® Test

Tulsa ER & Hospital Adopts Trailblazing MeMed BV® Test

Tulsa ER & Hospital is the first hospital facility in Oklahoma to adopt the FDA-approved technology that distinguishes viral from bacterial infections in 15 minutes

HAIFA, Israel and TULSA, Oklahoma, December 22, 2022 – MeMed, a leader in the emerging field of advanced host-response technologies, and Tulsa ER & Hospital, a physician-managed facility with a mission to restore the provider and patient relationship through communication and individualized treatment plans, today announce that Tulsa ER & Hospital is adopting the trailblazing MeMed BV® test that distinguishes between a bacterial and viral infection in just 15 minutes from serum.

MeMed’s technology applies machine learning to translate the complex signaling of the immune system into simple, actionable diagnostic insights. This enables rapid, accurate diagnosis even in cases where the site of infection is inaccessible, such as respiratory tract infections which are currently on the rise. The MeMed BV test aids physicians to enhance patient management and make more informed antibiotic treatment decisions.

Dr. Mark Blubaugh, Chief Medical Officer & ER Physician, Tulsa ER & Hospital said, “We at Tulsa ER & Hospital are excited to offer the new MeMed BV test. The FDA-approved lab test will assist us in deciphering between viral and bacterial infections when conventional testing fails to do so. The 15-minute results will help guide physicians in the appropriate utilization of antibiotics. We look forward to continuing to serve the Tulsa community by providing quality state-of-the-art emergency room and inpatient hospital care.”

Rusty McGuire, Chief Nursing Officer, Tulsa ER & Hospital said, “Our hope is this test will offer peace of mind to patients that their symptoms are indeed a viral infection not requiring an unnecessary antibiotic or a bacterial infection where antibiotics are indicated.”

Dr. Eran Eden, CEO and Co-Founder of MeMed, said, “We are proud to partner with Tulsa ER & Hospital, and for the opportunity to apply our innovative MeMed BV technology to aid in judicious use of antibiotics and improving patient outcomes.”