TIPA, a provider of compostable packaging solutions, has been awarded the Most Innovative Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Company Award in the 2023 APAC Business Awards.


The APAC Business Awards claims to recognise outstanding companies and individuals across the Asia Pacific region. TIPA was selected for its innovative approach to compostable packaging, which is designed to break down naturally in commercial and home compost facilities, leaving no harmful residue behind.

“This award is a testament to TIPA’s pioneering work in developing and commercialising compostable packaging solutions that are truly sustainable,” said Shane Sullivan, vice president of APAC at TIPA. “We are proud to be at the forefront of sustainability changes in the Asia Pacific region, and we are committed to helping businesses and consumers reduce their environmental impact. We are committed to working with our partners to accelerate the adoption of compostable packaging and help create a truly circular economy within the region”.

Hear more about TIPA and its work in Australia from Shane Sullivan in our chat with him on the PKN Podcast Ep 67.

TIPA says its compostable packaging is used by brands around the world, including in the fashion and retail industries.