TIPA, Turkey’s Ispak partner to expand compostable packaging offering

TIPA, Turkey’s Ispak partner to expand compostable packaging offering


TIPA Compostable Packaging and Turkey’s leading flexible packaging company Ispak Ambalaj have announced a partnership that began June 8, 2023.

TIPA will be the sole partner of Ispak for compostable packaging solutions in the Turkish market and will enhance Ispak’s offering globally.

In line with TIPA’s mission to collaborate with industry leaders, this partnership will allow both companies to expand geographically and in their product portfolios and promote sustainable solutions to address the global plastic crisis.

The wide range of products on offer from Ispak will now include high barrier laminates, both clear and metalized, made from TIPA materials.

With 50 years of proven expertise and research and development, Ispak has grown to be an industry leader in the packaging field in Turkey. It has been developing and manufacturing packaging that meet consumers’ and producers’ desire to reduce plastic packaging waste. This has resulted in a complete range of packaging that meets a variety of stringent standards including Zero Waste and ISO 14001. It also owns a “Save Food” Membership and explores waste management solutions such as Solvent Recovery System.

TIPA, a market leader, develops and manufactures groundbreaking flexible compostable packaging that turn into compost within a few months, providing a full circular solution for flexible plastic waste. The packaging mimics the high-end properties of conventional plastic packaging such as strength, machinability and transparency – but leaves zero waste behind, just like any other organic waste. TIPA offers packaging solutions for the entire supply chain, including films and laminates for packaging manufacturers and custom packaging applications for food and fashion brands.

According to Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO & Co-Founder of TIPA, “At TIPA, partnering with industry leaders and expanding the business geographically are two core business goals. Through the partnership with Ispak, we are able to tick both of these boxes. Working with an established company such as Ispak holds significant value and strength and opens doors to combine our skills and amplify the voices supporting compostable solutions.”

Hakan Koçoğlu, General Manager of Ispak, says: “TIPA’s reputation for innovative packaging precedes them not only in Europe but globally, and we are honored to partner with such a renowned company. Collaborations such as this are needed to deliver both performance and environmental responsibility at scale and forge genuine solutions fit for a circular economy.”