Strategic Collaboration for Intelligence in Remote Energy Services between Motive Infrastructure Solutions and Galooli

Motive Infrastructure Solutions, an Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC) solutions firm, and Galooli, a global leader in software as a service (SaaS) solutions for remote distribution of energy assets, have entered into a strategic alliance. This partnership sees Motive Infrastructure integrating Galooli’s solution into its diverse off-grid power product line.

Galooli’s SaaS solution processes and analyzes metadata generated by energy assets, thereby providing operational insight and energy service orchestration. This aims to decrease energy consumption and operational losses, and also offer predictive intelligence that enhances asset efficiency and life spans.

Motive Infrastructure has incorporated these features into its transitionary-to-permanent power solutions portfolio. Through real-time monitoring and adaptable apps and an alerting system, Motive Infrastructure and its clients can control their power solution. There are also dashboards and reports available that quantify and reduce their carbon footprint.

The collaboration has been an immediate success, with over a hundred systems installed. The introductory implementations have provided valuable insights that are directly influencing future product development and strategies.

Motive Infrastructure’s off-grid power solutions have been highly beneficial for a wide array of organizations necessitating energy resilience. These fully integrated solutions tackle some of the most difficult remote energy requirements. The partnership with Galooli has gone well, leveraging their analytics and service orchestration to benefit existing and potential customers in need of cutting-edge remote energy asset and control.

Motive Infrastructure Solutions provides EPC infrastructure services for the wireless and wired telecommunications sector. Their project management abilities expedite network deployment, ensure quality control, and reduce customer costs. Their solution-based power product range benefits customers in the telecom industry and beyond, including construction, real estate development, cities, events, and more.

Galooli’s Energy Management Software as a Service (SaaS) supplies real-time analytics and orchestration of remote energy assets to minimize operational expenses, improve lifecycle management, track reductions in carbon footprints, and ease the transition to renewable energy assets. Galooli’s software syncs assets for optimal energy efficiency, detects inconsistencies, and gives actionable insights to help forecast and manage service changes. Galooli’s SaaS serves numerous organizations across five continents in industries such as microgrid, electric vehicle charging, mobile tower, telecom, and data centers.