A step toward achieving their goal of eliminating single-use plastic by 2030.

Levi Strauss & Co. and Fashion for Good have initiated a collaborative project to spark circular innovation in the apparel industry. The denim imprint has started a home-compostable polybag trial to address the use of fossil fuels in the industry and offer a start toward its goal of reducing single-use plastic in consumer-facing packaging to zero by 2030.

Plastic bags are used to protect garments from the equipment found in factories and distribution centers, as well as for sorting, shipping, and delivering orders. Despite keeping products clean and undamaged, they are not recyclable. With the use of polybags, which are made of bio-based materials, consumers can easily dispose them in their nearest compost location instead of throwing them into a landfill and ending their lifecycle.

Jeffrey Hogue, LS&Co. Chief Sustainability Officer shared in the statement release: “This project not only moves us toward achieving our goal of eliminating single-use plastic, but it also puts into practice the industry collaboration required to solve these ubiquitous industry challenges.” He continued, “Through Fashion for Good’s platform, we’re able to test innovations like at-home compostable polybags that help our consumers take action and reduce the amount of plastic contributed to landfills.”

Levi Strauss & Co. will run the pilot for six months testing polybags from Fashion for Good innovators TIPA Corp. and Greenhope in two of their distribution centers, one in Sri Lanka and one in the U.S.