ACTRIMS 2023: GA Depot found to ease MS disability in Phase 3 trial

Data support GA Depot as new MS treatment

According to the researchers, the trial data overall support the use of GA Depot as a disease modifying therapy for relapsing types of MS — and could offer “a preferable schedule than current regimens of [glatiramer acetate], potentially leading to improved patient satisfaction and treatment.”

Such a schedule could lessen the burden on patients, Miller said.

“What patient, already on glatiramer acetate, taking 13 injections a month might not want to switch to a product that they can take once a month, that delivers results that are very comparable, and has a comparably excellent safety record, ” Miller said.

“In addition to that, [GA Depot] is potentially — if it ultimately is approved — a product that could be as initial therapy for a person who wants a very safe drug, and particularly for a patient who doesn’t look like he or she has a very aggressive MS,” he added.

Among participants who completed the main trial, 93.4% opted to join an ongoing open-label extension phase, in which all are being treated with GA Depot for one year.