Novachem offers metered-dosing inhaler to Australian patients

Novachem offers metered-dosing inhaler to Australian patients

A metered-dose inhaler which has been eight years in the making is being distributed by Novachem in Australia with the firm behind the technology claiming it will “revolutionise” the delivery of medicinal cannabis.

The device, called SyqeAir, has been developed by Israeli medtech firm Syqe Medical.

Novachem has become the Australian distributor of the product which is now available through the Special Access Scheme.

SyqeAir had previously been made available to a select number of patients in the local market by Melbourne-based eCS Clinic, part of Kensana Health.

The inhaler will use cannabis grown by Dutch producer, Bedrocan. Prescriptions will include pre-loaded cartridges with 60 doses each, which can be selected in increments of 250mg of THC, up to 1,000mg.

SyqeAir chief executive Hagit Kamin said: “The inhaler will allow patients in Australia to benefit from our groundbreaking technology through rapid, metered, consistent and precise cannabis treatment.

“The inhaler is also supported by published clinical studies and real-world evidence demonstrating its short and long-term effectiveness and safety.”

The company claimed vaporisers on the market do not have the same level of clinical data and are unable to offer the same consistent dosing as the Syqe product.

But the device does not come cheap, with sources suggesting it will cost patients A$880.

Novachem is hoping health insurers will be sufficiently impressed with the technology to offer at least partial cover for the inhaler. It is also optimistic that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will be interested in subsidising the cost.

Novachem business development manager Andrew Heath said the inhaler will offer a distinct advantage over the “suck and hope” vaporisers on the market.

The precise dosing mechanism of the inhaler may also attract doctors who have previously shied away from medicinal cannabis, he said.