• Shavit Capital is an investment firm that specializes in late-stage investments in Israeli and
    Israeli-related companies.

    Shavit Capital manages four separate private equity funds with over $200 million
    under management. These Funds invest primarily in companies with proven technologies, products, markets and strong management teams. The Funds invest in equity mezzanine or bridge rounds in companies which subsequently expect to raise relatively larger amounts
    pursuant to an IPO on a major international public exchange or a dual listing of a company that trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.  Shavit Capital invests up to $10 million per
    transaction and with the support of it strong investor base leads investment rounds of up to $30 million.

    Shavit Capital also invests in other late-stage opportunities, including bridge rounds of
    $3 million to $5 million in companies that plan to go public in non-US markets such as
    Australia as well as PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equites).  These PIPEs can apply to any Israeli company that is traded on any internationally recognized stock exchange including NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

    Gary Leibler is the Founder and Managing Partner of Shavit Capital. The Investment
    Committee includes Leon Recanati, Jonathan Leibler and Gabriel Menaged.

    Benefits of working with Shavit Capital:
    • Strong global and local contacts with key financial and banking institutions.
    • Due to our strong track record of success, an investment by Shavit Capital brings greater credibility to the company and thereby increases its chances of completing a successful IPO.
    • Support companies in pursuing their IPO plans. Shavit Capital works closely with all the
    relevant leading investment banks and underwriters in order to obtain direct feedback as to the viability and best approach for an IPO, PIPE or dual listing.
    • Complete transactions in a flexible, timely and cost-effective manner.
    • Shavit Capital grants absolute confidence in existing management teams and thereby enables companies to pursue their goals and strategies with minimal intervention. In this context, the Shavit Capital Funds do not request a seat on the Board of Directors or veto rights in relation to the company decision making processes.
    • Strong investor base that can support the company in future rounds of finance.